Metal Adjustable Astro Chair

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This lightweight (10#)  observer's chair is rated at 300# capacity. We bought these for ourselves and haven't used anything else since.  At $115.00 it is priced significantly lower than  similar chairs. We guarantee you'll be pleased with this item or return it in 30 days and we'll give you your money back. 

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This portable observers  chair is  convenient and easy to use.  Simply open the back leg, the contoured padded seat easily adjusts with one hand.  The infinite adjustability guarantees the optimum work posture.   Folds up to a 4" profile .


Adjustable from 18-32", this is a great observer's seat. If you have been standing to observe you will be amazed at how much more detail can be gained by sitting down and relaxing. The one hand height adjustment makes changing from zenith to horizon a snap!

   Please Note: Buyastrostuff will no Longer will be selling the Astro chair. It is available on Amazon   if interested.
Want to get a scope 50% larger than the one you now have?
Sit down!
I never cease being amazed how much more detail I can see
on any celestial object when in a stable sitting position versus
a standing position.  The human mind plays a significant role
in processing the image projected into our eyes by our
telescopes.  If your eye is wandering around and moving back
and forth over the eyepiece exit pupil you will perceive less
than when your brain is being fed a steady and uninterrupted
stream of photons.  See Dr. Suiter's "wobbly stack" description
in his definitive work on collimating telescopes for more
To this end, I have found the astro chair from BuyAstroStuff to
be the best of breed.
This chair is not only amazingly sturdy, it also has a number of
very nice touches that when combined, really make a difference.
First, it is a quality product.  Made by Seiko in Japan (not the
watch maker people but similar quality), this chair has a very
solid feel.  The feet are turned 90 degrees so they don't sink into
soft ground as easily as other chairs.  The cam locking
mechanism has infinite adjustment that when locked, has no
play whatsoever.  It folds flat for easy storage.  The seat is locked
even in the flat storage position.  It has a foot support for when
you are using the highest seat positions.  You have no idea how
nice this feature is until you have used it and gone to another
chair that doesn't have it.  The chair can be opened, closed and the
height adjusted even with the thickest gloves on.  Padded seat.
User serviceable parts.  Textured finish on the metal that allows
secure and slip-free handling even when wet with dew or ice.
The design even provides a natural and convenient top handle.
Last but certainly not least, the price is competitive.  Really
competitive.  I have used astro chairs that cost twice as much as
the BuyAstroStuff chair that are not nearly as good!
The only suggestion I would make to BuyAstroStuff is to change
the color to white or neon red.  Making the chair more visible at
night would make it a bit less likely someone will trip over it!
I give the BuyAstroStuff observing chair five stars.  You will too.
"My advice is free and worth every penny!"

-Christopher Erickson
Network Design Engineer
Anchorage, AK 
N61 11.710'  W149 46.723'
Meade 16" LX200 SCT


Last updated Oct 2013