Ray's N5 Bracket


The N5 extension bracket, mounts to the existing bracket that CI provided. This gives you the ability to :

  1. Have additional clearance between the diagonal and the battery cover when added accessories are used. (cameras, 2" ep's, etc)

  2. Balance the OTA by sliding it forward, when heavy accessories are used. (cameras, eyepieces CCD's). No need for counterweights.

  3. Quick removal of the OTA (in under 10 sec's) For use with a standard photo tripod, transport, or changing out OTA's.

The brackets are machined and interlocked together out of aircraft grade aluminum and stainless fasteners. This provides you with the ability to adjust the position of the OTA using the existing hardware that came with your scope. The total range of adjustment is 3 3/4" . The only tools required to install the bracket is as follows:

Screwdrivers (Standard & Phillips)

Assorted Allen wrenches 1/16, 3/32, 1/8

Water Pump Pliers or large adjustable wrench for Dec nut.

The Cost for the N5 extension bracket kit is $115.00 (usd)  Shipping is $10 anywhere inside the continental U.S.

Normal delivery time is  5 to 10 business days after we receive your order


At this time we are able to process credit cards thru PayPal. We will also accept checks and money orders if you prefer. Please contact us at orderdesks  @  buyastrostuff.com for instructions

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